The Department of Pharmacognosy is headed by Prof. Lakshmayya, Principal of VIP, having more than 35 years of experience in academics and research. Department of Pharmacognosy is well veserved in the area of Pharmacognostical investigation and discovery of new chemical entities form natural and mineral sources by applying phytochemical principles. The students are provided with intensive class-room teaching on theoretical and practical skills on principles of identification, isolation techniques, extraction principles/procedures, pharmacognostical evaluation methods during their academic curriculum. The department has a well-designed medical plant garden and is also growing several rare medicinal herbs. Department also collaborates with other departments to explore chemical/structural, analytical (Quantitative/Qualitative), pharmacological and pharmaceutical, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic aspects of the various extracted principles from plant origin.

Work Force

Prof. Lakshmayya

Qualification: M. Pharm., Ph. D

Experience: 35 Years