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Counselling / Monitoring Cell

A counselor is a person who guides you and shows you the correct path both for your future as well as for life. He/she is the one who can handle both your personal and psychological concerns and give you comfort mentally. Its always advised to get counseling from some specialized person whenever you are in stress. During childhood its our parents who guides us in all up’s and down’s and we the Vydehi institute of pharmacy has tried to set up the same environment in our college premise.

Mission :

  • A counsellor helps maintain transparency between the child and its parent regarding his/her well being and mental status which comforts both child and parents as well.
  • A counselor boosts the child for taking studies as a game and to read playfully.
  • A counselor helps build a good relationship between a teacher and a student.
  • They monitor the students punctuality, discipline and overall growth.
  • Guide a student to choose a correct path as per his/her interests.
  • Giving them moral boost to excel in every field of the life without fail.
  • To guide an individual to fight and survive in this world with dignity.


  • The rankings of the institution improves.
  • Mental peace of the students leads to overall growth of both the college and its students.
  • drastically reduces detainment's in the institutes and thus increases confidence level among the students.

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