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Internal Complaints Committee

Internal Complaint Committee is one of the most important part of our institution which was formed as per the Indian Government rules and regulations. With increasing women harassment cases day by day it’s a necessity in today's world at each and every workplace. As per the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, of 2013(POSH Act) any women can seek relief in case of sexual misconduct on her through this committee. As mandated half of the members of this committee are women who holds higher positions in the institution.
As per the UGC (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of sexual harassment of women employees and students in higher educational institutions) regulations 2015, with sexual harassment of women at workplace Act 2013 and in partial modifications of office order no 449 dated 05.08.2016, VIP’S ICC is reconstituted to deal with any kind of sexual harassment cases.


We abide by the rules of the government and thus our team consists of:

  • A women presiding officer.
  • Among all at least two members are amongst the employees working in the institute.
  • One of our member is from the non-governmental organization having experience in handling the issues related to women sexual harassment's.


  • Any kind of physical advances and contacts.
  • For cases of demand or any kind of request of sexual favors.
  • Colour remarks on any girl.
  • Watching or showing porn's in the campus.
  • Any other physical, verbal or non-verbal conducts of sexual nature

All these comes under crime and are liable for punishments and fines as decided by the committee.


  • Always file a complaint within three months of the incident for quick response and results.
  • Time period of filing the complaint is bared from the rejection after knowing the facts of the delay and if found true, the case is handled as and when the complaint is done.
  • It is mandated to file a complaint in written for future references.
  • As per the POSH Act 2013, we pledge to protect the content of the document submitted, identity and address of the aggrieved women.

Committee responses:

  • Committee members ensures to solve the case within 90 days of the complaint filed.
  • After completing the enquiry and other investigations, its a rule to hand over the report to the complainant within 10 days of the completion.
  • Once the allegations against the culprit is proved, he is liable for stringent actions as defined by the Indian Laws.
  • The employer must take steps against the culprit within 60 days of receiving the report from the ICC Committee.

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