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Grievance Redressal Committee

Vydehi Institute of Pharmacy's grievance redressal committee has been formed to cater to the complaints of the college staffs and students prior to the notice submitted by them. The committee is whole and sole responsible for preventing as well as handling any unfair practices inside the campus. It include any kind of caste discrimination, sexual discrimination's and harassment's, scholarship related matters and many more which are mentioned in detail in the grievance redressal form. These forms are to be filled by the complainant with his/her name and designation and we ensure to resolve the matter with all security measures without revealing the name of the complainant.


  • The committee is always ready to welcome individual grievances by any staff or students.
  • The committee will not welcome any grievances raised by a group of individuals despite being a staff or student of the college.
  • The committee is responsible for addressing any grievance after deciding its seriousness and the scope of further discussions.


  • A complainant should take the form of grievance redressal from the accounts department of the college and fill them with full details along with the facts.
  • Submit this form in the Chairperson's office.
  • Our team will check with the facts mentioned and solve the matter within a week.
  • The notice should be submitted to the Chairperson of the grievance redressal committee in an enclosed envelope with a caption written over it as "confidential".


  • Members of the team must be present in each and every meetings regarding the grievances.
  • Only individual grievances will be entertained raised by any staff or students.
  • Group grievances will not be considered.
  • Frequent meetings may occur in case of a serious issue or on the instance of the Chairperson.
  • Any member of the committee is not allowed to participate in the meetings if he/she is connected directly or indirectly with the grievance of the aggrieved individual.
  • If any team member happens to be the aggrieved individual then he/she is not liable to participate in the meetings.

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