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Governing Council

Governing Council of Vydehi Institute of Pharmacy is headed by Mrs.D.A.Kalpaja. This legislative body consists of many members who reserves the right to vote if required and works towards the up-liftment of the institute. The body is responsible for the formulation of stringent policies and reforms required for smooth and disciplined functioning of the institute.
Chairperson: Mrs.D.A.Kalpaja
Principal: Dr.Lakshmayya


  • To establish policies for smooth functioning of the institute by safeguarding the interests of all involved with the institution.
  • To select members to hold important positions in the institute.
  • To promptly be responsible to command and take actions regarding all kind of recommendations and problems existing in the institute.
  • Governing body responsible for making other executive boards of the institute.
  • Formulating rules and regulations for smooth functioning of the organization.
  • Formulating monetary policies of the institute.


  • The governing body organizes meetings as and when required on priority basis for discussions and decisions are taken on majority basis. This meeting is headed by the president of the committee and is responsible for all kind of decisions taken regarding monetary policies as well as general functioning policies.
  • Meetings must be attended by all its members.
  • Any member directly or indirectly associated with the ongoing case is not allowed to take part in the meetings and discussions.

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