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Extra Curricular Activities

Vydehi Institute of Pharmacy focuses on its students to develop them both physically as well as professionally. Its our prime concern to help our students develop the skills and attributes which are important for them to lead their life. Many cultural fests like inter-college fests, sports competition, dance festivals and many other are organized in a timely manner to provide some relaxation time to students and faculties where one can participate and enjoy as per their personal interests. Extra curricular activities gives us a chance to explore our talent outside our syllabus and curriculum. It helps us grow manifold on different platforms and stages. As a part of extra curricular activities some environment friendly programs are also being organized inside the college campus to give a boost to clean and green environment. These programs are attended by highly qualified doctors and medical practitioners to boost the students morale. These provide the students as well faculties to get their interpersonal skills developed. Many events which may include public meetings and speeches and interacting with real life experiences not only makes us a perfect doctor but also emphatic and efficient communicator. These things teaches us which a text book can't and is equally important for overall growth and development.

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